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Make your own company hats with logo

When it comes to a company we understand that few elements have as much meaning and relevance as your logo does. A logo is the representation of not only a brand but a whole company and of every employee in it. So when it comes to the ideal souvenir or company gift to both build trust and loyalty we understand the logo must be clear and present in it. With that in mind here at we have the ideal service to help you in your endeavors.

Here at Layasa we are a company that specializes in custom company hats. We offer our customers the ability to design and print with us their very own designs on any of our models of hats. All you have to do is pick a design from our list of hats and start working on it. You can upload your logo directly and choose yourself where to place it, how large you want it to be and even add other features like text and numbers.

As such our company logo hats are completely and utterly unique in every sense of the word. Every element of the design is 100% your call. And any logo no matter how complex or colorful can be added on every single model in our store. This means that unlike other souvenirs or company gifts here you truly have control of what you are giving. You don’t have to settle for what happens to be in stock. Rather, every single call will be fully be your choice.

Another advantage to our company hats with logo is the fact that orders get a bulk discount. A company order is bound to be a large one. And we understand that custom goods could be expensive in other places. But with us there is a clear discount made for bulk orders, so not only our customizability makes for a great pick in general. But our hats with company logo also have the clear advantage of being affordable and practical for large company orders.

When it comes to the perfect company gift few things beat how practical custom company hats are. They show a company’s logo with pride and are quite simply an item that will get used all the time. Hence making it an ideal souvenir no matter the time or place. And coupled with the reduced cost of ordering with us it makes for one of the most practical options in the market.

All in all we understand that when you put your logo in something it means a lot. It means representation and impact on the public's eye. This is why we truly believe in letting you handle every step of the design process. That way the final result will truly reflect your company and it's policies. Which is something that you likely won't find in most other customizable goods. So let us help you and let's make the best custom company hats possible, ones that reflect the style and intent of your company while remaining professional, high-quality and affordable to you.

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Free Shipping In USA
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