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Custom trucker hats - Design a trucker hat with layasa hat creator

Trucker hats are cool. There is no debate about that. Having a trucker hat on your head not only makes you look good, but also makes you
look extremely cool.As if this is not enough, you can make your own trucker hat into several variations depending on your desire. From custom colors; to custom embroidery to even to custom logos and personalized names, you can literally do anything to your hat and make it look extremely outstanding and cool. You will further have the hat fitted into your specific head size. Now that is totally the way to go when it comes to getting your head a gift.

There are several trucker hats available in the market for modification and specification. The following are my recommendation for the very best trucker hats and caps available upon ordering from your local dealer.

1. The Old School Trucker Hat

This is the most original trucker hat in the market right now. This trucker cap has a combination of everything that made the original trucker hats and caps so popular across the world. This includes the foam front, together with the mesh back and side, and double plastic tab which makes it completely both comfortable and stylish. The cap goes for about $26 and can be modified to extreme specifications.

2. Dirty Wash Mesh Hats

When you want to have that informal look that would take you to informal places such as the bar then this is the trucker hat for you. This
mesh cap gives you that fancy disorganized look that is very attractive for certain occasions. With the glide buckle closure towards the end and a rather unstructured general shape and look, Dirty Wash Mesh Hats have become have become a darling to many. The hat retails at around $26 as well.

3. Mesh Stretch Fitted Hats

This hat has become synonimous to games of all leagues such as baseball, cricket and any similar games. The hat looks stunning and cool with a Spacer Mesh on both the mid and back panels. The trucker hat can be modified with your favorite teams logo as well as embroidery from your sport idol. Definitely a must have for sports lovers.The hat retails at a paltry $28.50.

4. Ultrafiber Airmesh Hats

When you are a lover for hats throughout and do not care about the weather then this is the hat for you. The hat has been designed to
serve you durung even the toughest scorching sun to make you feel comfortable and cool. The cap has an airmesh, as the name suggests, on the back and side panels to act as an airconditioner for your head. No amount of sun can scorch you at this point. Also, the fabric is blended to allow for flexibility and ease of movement. Talk about investing in comfort and good looks. The hat also has a Permacurv Visor to shield ones eyes from elements such as the scorching sun.The hat retails for around $27.

5. The Classic Trucker Hat With a White Front

This is basically your ordinary trucker hat with a modified white front panel. It looks good for official use; despite the fact that trucker hats are more of casual wears. Its side and ends look typically like your ordinary trucker hat but stands out because od its white front. Definitely
a must have for trucker hat lovers who are formal as often as on a daily basis.The hat goes for approximately $30.00.

6. Retro Trucker Hat

This awesome vintage hat is the perfect look for a semi-casual look. It has a staple trucker mesh back that is very vital for beautiful outlook as well comfort and aeration of the entire head. The hat also has a curved visor with eight stitched rows that give it a cool and sophisticated feel as well as making it stand out in terms of design. This is a cap that will give your peers the impression that you are a sophistucated individual with a taste for caps. The cap goes for approximately $30.00.

7. Foam Trucker Snapback

This snapback is made with the modification design in mind.Its general fibre is made with the need for modification to be done on it. It
is favourabe for embroidery most especially. In addiion, the hat has invested in comfort as it has a 6mm sponge backing and a plastic snap that matches. This makes it comfortable, with a good grip and an outstandin outlook. If you are in a cool hiphop band, then these are the hats to get for yourself and your mates.Each of your mates will only require $30.00 for their snapbacks.

8. Retro 2 Tone Trucker Hats

This hat literally brings back the 90's to your head. Its design and outlook gives you the feel that you are 25 years back. It has a
permacurv visor that makes it even more comfortable and protective from element of weather such as scorching sun and rainfall. The hat also has a contrast trucker mesh back which is vital for comfort and 'air conditioning' of the head. The hat retails for around $30.00.

9. Foam Trucker Hat with White Front Panel

This trucker hat has a taste for creating unique designs. It acts as a template for two-color designs on either sides of the hat that can be
manipulated favorably by the user. Similarly, the hat has a unique sponge backing that makes it easier for modifications on the hat such as print. This makes it one of the easiest ways to modify your hat for any requirements. The hat goes for around $30.00.

Custom fitted trucker hats are no doubt the way to go for all hat lovers in the entire world. They can be modified to suit special occasions, events and even team. Getting a large scale purchase of such hats always comes with a discount or free modification. Imagine wearing your
favorite trucker hat with embroidery or print having your favorite team, celebrity or even your very own name on you hat. Now that will look very cool.

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