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Custom fitted hats no minimum

Custom fitted - Custom embroidered fitted hats no minimum

We at Layasa believe that everybody can be their own unique brand. And in order to enable you to become your own brand, we want to give you the tools to show it proudly and loudly. With our online custom hat creator tool, you can customize your own fitted hat. You can promote your business using the fitted hats, promote a brand or simply make a fashion statement using these hats. Depending on your needs and desires we at have you covered each and every step of the way. Here is why we are the best in the industry:

Quality guarantee

With so many counterfeits out there, we stand behind our work. We ensure that all our hats are quality and that every customer gets value for their money. The design, the material used and even the workmanship are done under strict observation to maintain high-quality standards. We try as much as we can to provide quality fitted hats to all our customers at no extra cost.

Custom embroidery

When you customize your own fitted hat, we do all we can to personalize it for you just the way you want it. Our hats are custom embroidered and as such, they look professionally done. All you got to do is to upload your design or simply create a logo using our designer tool and create your own unique design. Then let us do the rest for you. We stick to what our customers want and deliver as requested.

Custom fitted hats no minimum

To cater to our ever growing customer base, we offer no minimum size orders. This means that whether you are looking to order a single hat for yourself or a loved one, or you want 300 hats for your team or company employees, we have got you covered. The quality will never change whether it is a single hat you want or 1000 hats.

Quick turnaround

Making and designing custom fitted hats takes more time than pre-made hats off a shelf. However, this does not mean that you will have to wait for ages for your customized fitted hat to be delivered. Depending on your order, we will take as little time as possible to design, deliver the hats at your doorstep.

Worldwide shipping

Layasa prides itself as an international outlet and as such we ship orders to different corners of the world on a daily basis. We offer free shipping within the United States of America, but if you live outside, we will charge you an affordable shipping rate.

No matter the style, design, or the number of custom fitted hats you want, or where you live, has got you covered. Feel free to check out what we have on offer for you.


Why do you need a custom fitted hat?

The head has some of the most important organs of the body, and it is important to protect them against damage and injuries to prevent any health problems in future. In particular, during daytime, if a person is outdoors, the sunlight can heat the head and cause sunstroke. So many people are using hats for covering their head. Many balding people also wish to purchase a hat for protecting their head. However, most of the hats available are not well designed, and do not cover the head properly. Hence, most people are interested in purchasing custom fitted hats, which will fit their head properly, and ensure that no part of the head is exposed.

Like other parts of the body, the head of each person is different in size and shape. Most  hat makers are making hats in standard sizes, for ease of manufacturing. While these standard hats are sufficient for people who spend only a few hours in the sun, those who spend more hours outdoors will require a custom designed hat, which will cover their head properly. There are other applications where a hat may help in shielding the head, and brain against heat, radiation, or other harmful environmental conditions. So there are many people who would like to purchase a hat which will fit perfectly.

For ordering a hat which will fit properly, the customer should provide the exact dimensions of the head, and also specify the areas which have to be covered by the hat. In some cases, the customer will require a hat which will only cover the top of the head, in other cases, the entire head, till the neck may have to be covered. So the hat maker, will require a sketch with dimensions specified so that the hat can be made. The customer should also specify the color of the hat, the height of the hat, and if he wishes to have any embroidery or logo imprinted on the hat.

One of the most important considerations while ordering a hat, is the material of the hat. The hats are available in different materials, and the fitting of the hat, will also depend on the material. Most hats are made from rigid material, and it is most difficult to get a perfect fit. Using softer material, allows for more flexibility while fitting. Those who wish to wear their hat in all weather conditions, should use water proof material. Additionally it is important to ensure that the hat has a proper closure, so that it will fit securely on the head, and will not be blown away by strong winds or a breeze.

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
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