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The Ultimate Stop for Customized Hats and Caps

Layasa is your smart platform where you can possess all your customized hats and caps. You have the freedom to experience our classic yet straightforward design where you can have that unique aphorism engraving on your hat or cap. Grab the opportunity to spread your inspiration to the world. Our hats and caps are in the hearts of our customers. Usually, they are of high quality granting them a durable edge. You are sure of caps and hats whose legacy is steady in the fashion industry. The following are traits to look for in our products:


Our customized hats and caps are affordable to all customers. We offer prices that allow you to save more and spend less. Make an order instantly for your friends, co-workers, children or your spouse. Be part of stylish caps and hats and feel the delight.


Have you been searching for custom caps and hats with an original trait? We make our custom hats and caps from high-quality fabric. Additionally, our designs have not been in use elsewhere. We make our caps and hats independently without copying what has been there in the market. If you are striving to be unique authentically; savor our caps and hats, you will have no regrets.


We have no doubts working for you. We are licensed, and we are legitimate to trend in the market. Notably, our products meet all the required standards hence we guarantee you quality with no compromises on the same. We have a dedicated team of experts who have insight on quality and its impact on customers. Right from the design stage, printing, packaging and delivering our products; we ensure 100 percent efficiency.  Our custom hats and caps are those that make you comfortable even as you explore the wonders of nature.

Put it into writing

We brand your custom hat or cap as per your specifications. From acronyms to short statements, no matter the language your message assumes. We keep you focused on moving those ideas to an engraving as per your order specifications for your gratification.

Conversion of leads to customers

We work on so many prospects and eventually convert them to potential customers. We are hands-on work team ensuring that we delight our customers to come back for more. In fact, our referrals are enormous assuring you of quality of our products. We realize that each customer interaction is an opportunity to enrich ourselves.

Turnaround time (TAT)

We ensure that once you place an order, we start working on it immediately to avoid hurdles that come with delayed orders. Through designing, printing, packaging, and delivery; we take 3-7 weeks depending on the bulk of your order. Purpose to try our custom caps and hats, it is worth it.

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
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