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Terms of Use

Dealing with online platforms where people are transacting for services or goods is a tricky business. There are many downsides as much as there are advantages. These platforms are faced with some moral issues of privacy, openness and trust. These issues if not well address can cause major damage to the company’s name and destroy the customer relation. This is why at Layasa, all the issues posing a threat or inconveniencing smooth transactions are addressed in our terms of service.

Making orders

There is no compromise in quality and no false promises. The type of customized hat design you order is what you get. Regardless of how complex, we will deliver as it is. We do not leave room for mistrust in our services while chasing the top position for the best online platform.

After an order is made, we will deliver within the specified time frame and to make sure of this, you can be able to track your order. From the moment of packaging to delivery, you are able to monitor how far your order is and in case of any delays, you can contact our customer service for enquires.

Should you realize you submitted the wrong design or made less or more orders, Layasa platform helps you canceland make modifications to your order. With the assistance of our support team, you will be able to make a request to cancel the order and if you are too late to cancel, you will be guided on the way forward.

Privacy notice

The internet is a dangerous place especially prone to cybercrimes and scams. For your residence and banking details, there are well stored and secured to prevent any unauthorized transactions. In case of such incidences, our communication lines are open and you should report it as soon as you realize the transaction. Layasa has professionals that will deal with such cases.

Payment details

The commonly used and accepted modes of payment are theuse of visa cards, master cards and PayPal.  You can either pay before or after delivery.All charges are included in your receipt to adhere to transparency standards and there are no hidden charges.

Return policy

Human is to error and therefore not all deliveries are as you hoped. It may be a mistake on our side for wrong design interpretation or due to submitting the wrong design for your custom made hats. There is a specified period of time within which you will be able to return the products and make the correct modifications

These are our terms and conditions of use. For more details, make sure to contact us.

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
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