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When it comes to online shopping platforms, people are skeptic to try it. They have little or no trust in the product they admire to purchase unless the services have high reviews. With Layasa, it is our desire to see people wear customized hats from our platform and keep them coming back for more. For whatever designs, we at Layasa make deliveries at your doorstep. Besides offering cheap customized hats, here is what you need to know about our delivery services;

  • We deliver on quality

In the fashion industry, whatever you purchase should be able to live long enough before wearing out. This is our number one priority. An order for custom made hats or any stylish hat you like will be focused on quality. We do not see a complex design as an obstacle rather than a motivation to push our limits to deliver quality hats. The printing, embroidery andmaterial of the hats are of high quality to ensure no matter how many times you wash the hat, it still looks good as new.

  • We deliver within the shortest time possible

Layasa does not like to keep their customers waiting. As soon as an order is placed, there is a team that starts processing it. For large, complex custom hat design orders, it will take less than five weeks to perfect the desired hat for the customers. This is made possible by a dedicated andwell-versedteam who do all the printing and embroidery needed.With such fast delivery, one may expect a compromise on quality, but not with us.

  • We deliver all over

Layasa serves the whole world. It does not matter which corner of the earth you are in. We will design, print, pack and ship your order to your location. Our services are bridging the gap by offering favorable shipping prices depending on where you are located and the size of the order.For those lucky enough to be in the U.S.A, we provide free shipping. Regardless of where you are, place an order with Layasa and we will deliver.

  • There is no delivery limit

There is no limitation when it comes to style and so who are we to put a limit on the orders you make.There is no minimum in our vocabulary. We will deliver whichever number of order you place. The more the better due to reduced prices.

  • Terms of bulk purchase and discounts

Large deliveries will attract huge discounts to help you save on cost. To enjoy our discounts, place many orders at once to cut the shipping cost rather than making one order at a time.

Layasa puts its customers first when it comes to delivery services through the above ways. Do not be left out.

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
Fast delivery(2 - 5 working days)